Tuesday, May 21, 2013

AC not doing the trick?

Am I the only one who hates driving to meet up with my friends somewhere only to arrive covered in sweat because my AC just isn't cutting it?  It's Texas y'all and it's HOT.

Common air conditioning problems range from low freon to a broken belt to a faulty electrical component.  Use our current AC Service coupon to get a proper diagnosis and visual inspection of all your AC components, including the freon level, AC compressor, AC condenser, expansion valve and receiver-drier for cracks, damage, and leaks.

The most common problem, however, is a simple freon leak.  If our Hyundai-certified technicians determine that your vehicle is leaking freon, they will perform an AC evacuation and recharge.  This service entails draining the freon, vacuum testing for leaks, replacing the leaky hose or faulty part, and refilling the refrigerant to manufacturer specified levels.

Completing this service periodically will increase the cooling efficiency of your vehicle and keep you cool during the long Texas summer!

Make an appointment online or call (940) 243-6233 to speak with a service advisor.

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