Monday, June 17, 2013

Why drive a Sonata Hybrid?

I honestly didn't know very much about Hybrids other than they were supposedly good for the environment. So I thought I would do my research! It seems like the number one reason most people go for the Hybrid is to save money at the pump. With 35 city & 40 mpg hwy that would be my number one reason too!

The term Hybrid comes from the combination of a conventional gas-powered engine with an electric propulsion system.  The electric battery is powered by a concept called regenerative braking, which converts kinetic energy from braking into electric energy and stores it in your Hybrid battery.  In many cases, energy from the electric motor is all you need for low-speed driving. When you need a little extra power while accelerating or passing, your conventional engine kicks in.  Hybrids have a smaller, more efficient engine and use less gas than a normal engine but don't have the limited range that a typical electric car would have.

Hybrids also turn off the engine when your vehicle comes to a stop and automatically restart after the accelerator is pressed so that no energy is wasted while idling.  No wonder you use so little gas!

The Hyundai Sonata Hybrid was the first non-plug-in hybrid with next-generation lithium polymer battery technology and the first ever Lifetime Hybrid Battery Warranty!

To "sum" up what I've learned about Hybrids...

Lifetime Battery Warranty + Great Gas Savings + Environmentally Friendly = 1 Great Investment

Eckert Hyundai has 3 2012 Sonata Hybrids left in stock and we have to sell them before July 1st!  There are HUGE discounts, so check out our final inventory here and call (940) 243-6222 for our discounted pricing!



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