Monday, January 20, 2014

Four Maintenance Mistakes to Avoid

Ever had someone tell you it is better to fix something before there's a problem rather than after? We know the truth but sometimes we forget, or maybe we just don't want to pay the bill and hope everything turns out fine. Skipping regular vehicle maintenance can be a costly mistake. Take a look at these four mistakes to avoid.

1. Not changing oil on time. Every vehicle comes with a owner's manual that will tell you exactly when you need to change your oil. Have you looked in yours? If you don't change your oil it will get dirty and turn to sludge. You need your oil to be lubricating properly to keep the moving parts of your engine working!

 2. Not checking tire pressure. Losing air in your tires is natural. Even though losing the air is natural that doesn't mean its a good thing. Low tire pressure will compromise your vehicles fuel economy, cause wear and tear on your tires, and impact your steering. The solution is simple. Check your tire pressure regularly and keep them at the proper levels.

3. Not changing the fuel and air filters. Filters may seem insignificant. They are easy to skip over and say, "I'll change them next time." When they get clogged it can be a costly fix. Clogged air filters can also cause your check engine light to go on. When ignored the problem can escalate causing other things to start failing.

4. Neglecting fluids. Check your owners manual. It will tell you exactly how often to change your fluids to keep your car in good condition. Checking your fluids is typically something anyone can do and is relatively inexpensive, especially in comparison to the cost you will pay for not changing them.

The big thing is to remember your owners manual and keep on top of your scheduled maintenance. This should limit the big issues in  your cars future and keep costs down. Need to make an service appointment? Call 940-243-6233.

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