Monday, August 25, 2014

Back to School Driving Tips

As your high school or college student is getting ready to go back to school make sure they are thoroughly equipped. A lot can happen while driving and when you are not prepared it can be a scary situation, especially for newer drivers. It's extremely important to know how to check the car basics so we made a few how-to videos to make it simple for you and your children.

How to Jump Start Your Car:
It can happen to anyone! Even if your car is nice and new your battery can be drained overnight by accidentally leaving something on. Jump starting a car really is very easy but until you learn how you will be stranded when you get a dead battery.

How To Check Your Tire Pressure:
Checking your tire pressure regularly can be the difference between getting a flat and having to pay to replace a expensive tire or simply putting some free air in your tires. It's a no brainer, free is better than expensive any day.

How To Check & Fill Your Fluids:
Keeping up with your fluids is important. In this video we will show you where your fluids are located and how to fill them. Just a warning, the video is about 10 minutes long because he shows you how to actually do it. By then end of it you will be a pro!

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