Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Happy 25th Birthday Hyundai USA!

Happy Birthday Hyundai USA!

It just so happens that this year myself and many of my close friends...and now Hyundai USA hit the 1/4 Century mark. Congratulations to us.

Read the 25th Birthday Press Release!

Get this, not only does Hyundai work to promote and sell their award winning, fuel efficient, safety test approved cars, but they also are helping fight cancer. Stop it. I just can't take all the gushy feelings.

"Hyundai's pursuits are not limited to the automobile. Hyundai Hope on Wheels is the united effort of Hyundai Motor America and its more than 800 dealers across the U.S. to help children fight cancer. We are dedicated to raising awareness about childhood cancer, celebrating the hope of the brave children battling the disease and finding a cure through our support of the best pediatric cancer researchers in the country. A portion of every Hyundai sold goes directly to this fight and more than $23 million have been donated since 1998."

Go Hyundai! Here's to hoping this car is in our future? I meant to write a question mark.

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