Monday, February 21, 2011

Are you a Commuter? Check Here.

Hyundai Sonata Named a Best Car for Commuters by Forbes

Forbes Claims, “More than 42 million Americans spend at least 30 minutes in the car on their morning commutes. Seven million spend over an hour,” said Forbes auto reporter, Hannah Elliot. “For that kind of time spent in traffic, it pays to have a reliable car: something spacious enough for comfort, small enough to get good gas mileage and durable enough to withstand the occasional fender-bender. This year mid-size sedans like the $19,395 Hyundai Sonata are best for surviving the slog.”

Think about it, what do you want to be rolling into your parking space at work in? If I have to spend over an hour in my car each day, I something nice [& probably red].

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