Friday, February 18, 2011

Stylish & Fuel Efficient Cars Just Cost Less

Daily Finance declares "Hyundai's U.S. Sales Soar thanks to stylish, fuel efficient designs."

Last year was a rough year for car sales. But not for Hyundai. Hyundai's sales grew 24% last year and sold 540,000 units. Congratulations & Thanks to those who made this possible. Hyundai has had some rough years, but just as the child who was severly awkward in middle school grew up to be relatable so Hyundai has learned from their own trials & tribulations.

Not only this, but also Hyundai is coming out with 6 new cars in 3 years, they are creating their own steel to make lighter cars that reach government MPG requirements and they just sell really nice, well priced cars.

Eckert Hyundai is making it's own advances, too! We are currently located in a new building, only one year old, which allows us to hold more cars, service more cars and help you find the perfect car to stylize your driveway!

Hyundai's Alabama Manufacturing Facility

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