Thursday, May 26, 2011

Pile into my Santa fe, let's go to the beach.

Hello, Summer! Haven't we all been to several Graduation Parties by now, and we are sitting in work daydreaming about our Memorial Day Weekend trip...Summer is here! This weekend, I am not going anywhere, but I am celebrating my

In honor of our summer day dreams let me introduce you to one of our most popular SUV's on the lot. We are stocking up for all of your summer needs.

This trunk space will not only allow for quick trips to the grocery store for your block party, but it will also fit all of your kids suitcases for camp. No kids for a week...sweet bliss.

The summer trips you could take in this SUV are countless. And you'll be sure to be seen on the road, and with an estimated MPG at 19/26, you can AFFORD to be seen.

I have decided there is truly nothing worse than purchasing a car you cannot afford to keep, but the Santa Fe GLS clocks in at just over $22,000. Now, I can afford that.

Be sure to swing in, this Memorial Day Weekend and see about our 2011 Santa Fe.

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