Thursday, June 2, 2011

Keep on Driving.

Summer seems to be in full swing. The faint smell of sunscreen, the 90 degree weather by 11 am. Yes, it's summer.
Summer also leads to lots of car buying. These gas prices may have you thinking about a trade in for something more practical, or maybe your baby is moving to college next year, or you have a road trip coming up. One thing I know for sure, with or without "Cash for Clunkers," in the summer people want to buy cars. No one likes to walk around the lot in the snow. I bought my Sonata in the summer and I wish I had a great checklist to bring with me as I drove car after car in my price range.

Lucky for you, I've found a GREAT checklist, and another equally satisfying checklist.

Here at Eckert Hyundai we certainly want to help you think through everything before buying your dream car. So here are some extra thoughts:
  • Bring your child's car seat, make sure it fits, buckle and unbuckle it, see how easy/difficult it is.
  • Bring your golf clubs, because if they don't fit in the back, that could be a headache.
  • Merge on and off the highway and check the car's acceleration
  • Put the front seats back and check the leg room in the back seat
  • Listen for excessive noise.
  • Print these checklists to bring with you.

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