Sunday, June 5, 2011

Special Offers

With the arrival of summer car buying season and a new month (June, WOW!) Hyundai has lots to offer you. You can click here and see the rebates and promotions for the Month of June in our area (North Texas) or you can look up your own zip code or perhaps a car you are interested in.

Ok, try to control your excitement as I carefully explain a few things to you:
  • Valued Owner Coupon - Hyundai loves it when Hyundai owners buy more Hyundais! They love it so much they are willing to reward you. Depending upon the car's monthly offer you might be eligible for a Valued Owner Coupon (or Reward). Hyundai will give you free money toward your new purchase if you can prove you have a Hyundai already or you are trading one in! Bring the VIN of the one you already own, if that is the case, it will go smooth-er.
  • Special APR Financing - Whoa. This is a great deal. The shorter your lease term is, the lower your APR (annual percentage rate...meaning interest). This deal also is dependent on the special offers of the car you have your eye on.
  • Competitive Owner Coupon - Ok, this one is funny. If the car you want (this month, Genesis Coupe) offers this deal, all you have to do is trade in a car that is competing with the Hyundai/Kia brand. Call the dealer for more information and to see if your current vehicle qualifies. But this month you could get $1,500 toward a new Genesis Coupe.
  • Customer Cash Back - this is a coupon. You can use this toward down payment assistance. What an awesome idea! Not to mention this month you can get $1,000 toward a 2011 Santa Fe, which so happens to be one of our most popular SUV's.
Well, that was fun. Come in, test drive a car and use one of these special promotions.

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