Tuesday, June 7, 2011

...The Tough Get Going....

This Month Hyundai/Kia are expected to top Toyota/Lexus Sales...more than just an earthquake?
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For the month of May 2011, Hyundai/Kia are selling between 115,000 - 116,000 units. Toyota and Lexus are down. But I'm not looking to gloat in their loss. We all know it's [partially] because of the Earthquake and Tsunami in Japan.

"Current Inventory shortages and perceived inventory shortages led to the lowest incentive spending in nearly 9 years and the lowest selling rate of the year [for Toyota/Lexus]."
-- Jesse Toprak - VP of Industry Trends & Insights at Truecar.com

So is it just because of the earthquake that Hyundai & Kia's sales are rising? No! 5 years ago not even this catastrophe in Japan would have rocketed our sales to where they are now.

"We have worked very hard to design our new vehicles around the needs and wants of the American consumer, and the feedback we are getting is that all that work by our team is paying off," says John Krafcik, Hyundai Motor America CEO . "We are holding our own and then some in one-on-one comparisons against our more established rivals...our owners are very happy with out vehicles and they are spreading the word."

May 2011 is expected to post a 6.1% gain over April 2011 and a 43.4% sales gain over May 2010. "Fact is that the Korean Car Companies are attracting many more customers and prospects because of vastly improved vehicles" not just living off the earthquake loss.

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