Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Pushing Boundaries

In the past few months Hyundai has released it's 2012 Accent and Genesis and both are waiting for you in dealerships now! Riding the sales momentum, Hyundai is reaching new heights. Read this article by the Detroit Free Press on what's happening in Hyundai.

Basically, the Government is calling carmakers everywhere to higher standards in fuel efficiency and Hyundai is already surpassing those for 2016 - saying the average MPG for a whole line of cars from Trucks to subcompacts must equal 35.5 MPG or greater.

Accents and Genesis' are being manufactured from South Korea but the Alabama Plant is busting out the Elantras and Sonatas (are you driving a homemade car?).

Not only so but also Alabama expanded annual factory output from 300,000 cars to 330,000 cars. And John Krafcik, says we expect to sell more than 600,000 cars this year in the US which would be a 45% increase from last year. Whoa.

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