Monday, April 2, 2012

The Best Place to Save? Your Garage.

No, I don't mean a garage sale. What I mean is what Scott Burns, from the Dallas Morning News, in this article means, "If you have a vehicle that gets 22 miles to the gallon and you replace it with one that gets 44 miles to the gallon and drive 15,000 miles a year, you could save $1,269."  Wow, that is an impressive number.  
For some reason, even though gas is nearly $4/gallon, Americans are still paying up.  And are more than OK with driving a huge SUV.  Now, I understand, sometimes SUVs are a necessity.  But is it really worth over a thousand a year?  
My husband's car recently died and we bought a tiny car for me to drive that has 33 MPG.  It is ridiculous that I only fill it up one time every two weeks and when I fill it, it costs me $35-$40.  Depending on the pump.  It has really changed my thought process on saving money.  
New cars care about gas mileage.  They do.  In 2004 we weren't worried about gas prices, so your older car may be eating up your bank savings account.  Sadly, with summer coming, I don't think gas prices are going to go down. So let me show you a few options that could be up your alley. 

First up! The Hyundai Accent starting MSRP just over $12,500.  Comes in this 4-door option or a 5-door hatchback.  This car has 40 MPG on the highway and would definitely assist in lowering your gas bill.  (Actually all 4 of these cars have an awesome 40 MPG on the highway)

And then comes the Hyundai Elantra (read about my test drive here), with a base MSRP at around $15,345 this car has 5 seats, is actually really spacious and blocks out noise well, and has 40 MPG on the highway.  It is a great family car and even had room for my 5'11" legs in the back seat.  Win.

Looks similar to the car pictured above, but this car is none other than the Hyundai Sonata Hybrid.  Yes, our first hybrid and yes, the car with this funny commercial and this awesome battery warranty.This car starts around $25,850 and has 40 MPG too.  Drive a hybrid & save the environment, isn't that comforting?

And lastly, the Hyundai Veloster.  I personally would like to trade in my life savings, my 401k and any piggy bank I've ever had to pay cash for this car.  It is amazing.  A sporty car with something that no other car has: 3 doors and not a 2-door with a hatchback, but one door driver side and 2 door passenger side.  You can pick up your kids for school or drag race.  Starting at around $17,300 and 40 MPG there should be no problems affording this one.  
Stop drooling.

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