Monday, July 15, 2013

Employee of the Month

June Employee of the Month

Most Initiative

In the car industry, having a good service department is a must, and the way to do that is to have great technicians. You will probably never see Russell Harbert if you come in to Eckert Hyundai because he will be hard at work in the shop but you can sleep well knowing your car is in his hands. Russell has an "uncompromisable dedication to duty and he takes the initiative to do his job and the job of others before he is asked to do it", says his fellow co worker. Russell is always on time and always here. He is someone you can rely on. He even helps in training the new technicians so we can be sure they are ready for the job.

His coworkers said, "Russell is very efficient. He is definitely energetic and upbeat. Extremely creative!!!!!!! He constantly takes initiative to try and get vehicles through shop quickly," and "Russell Harbert is always willing to help when needed and always keeps us moving to provide better service for our customers."

Thank you Russell for taking initiative and making Eckert Hyundai a better company. We appreciate you!

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