Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Vehicle Basics 101

It's back-to-school time again. While making your to-do list be sure to make your car and your child's car a priority. The biggest thing is making sure they know what to do and what to look for because you can't always do it for them.
  • Teach them the basics! It's important for your car to have its oil changed, tires rotated, and fluids filed regularly.
  • Help them get a feel for their car. Open up the hood and show them the different parts. Most importantly show them all the fluids that they need to maintain. If they can learn to do this on their own and they can see how easy it is you will save money down the line.
  • Teach them to pay attention to sounds and smells. Make sure they know what a healthy car sounds and smells like so when something is going wrong they are able to catch it right away.
  • Don't let them ignore dash board lights. Its easy to think things aren't a big deal and can wait. Sometimes waiting will cost you so much more.
  • Lastly if they don't feel comfortable doing any of these things themselves or even feel like something is a little off make sure they know its okay to have it looked at. Better safe than sorry!

Don't have time to get your child's car back-to-school ready on your own? Make an appointment so we can do it for you and help you check something off your list of to-dos. 940-243-6233

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