Sunday, May 8, 2011

11 ways to keep more money in your wallet this spring.

OK, it is finally the start of a new month. And a Happy Mother's Day to All. This month we get to anticipate our kiddos getting out of school, the start of a real spring (none of this 50 degree weather stuff), lots of baseball games and the hope of a vacation soon to come. Hallelujah.

But I am in the car business and this month we have some killer sweet deals to keep your bank account full & happy. Seriously. So if you are looking to purchase your little graduate a car or you're just planning on getting some new wheels for the family, we've got some delightful surprises for you. Right off the bat you can get some money, just for buying a new car...
  • 2011 Accent -- $500 Rebate
  • 2011 Elantra Touring -- $500 Rebate
  • 2011 Santa Fe -- $1,000 Rebate
  • 2011 Veracruz -- $1,000 Rebate
If you already own a Hyundai or are trading in your old Hyundai (goodbye old friend!) you can get some extra money through Hyundai Valued Owner Coupon.
  • 2011 Sonata -- $500
  • 2011 Azera --$1,500
  • 2011 Genesis Sedan -- $1,500
  • 2011 Genesis Coupe -- $1,000
There are also some fabulous Financing Deals...hold on to your hats!
  • 2011 Accent -- rates as low as 0% and bonus cash as high as $1,000 (Bonus Cash comes when financing with Hyundai Motor Finance)
  • 2011 Sonata (INCLUDING HYBRID) with rates from 0.9%-3.9% depending on your loan term.
And this is the best deal for the month...I am feeling tempted.

2011 Santa Fe -- rates starting at 1.9%, include that $1,000 rebate and if you finance with Hyundai Motor they will give you an extra $1,000 just because they like you. Wow.

And with Hyundai's New Assurance Value Trade-In Guarantee, you'll be happy forever. Now that's the start of a good summer.

See you soon!

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